1. How does the rear mount on the display mount work?

The mount is made with a “T-bar slot” that is grooved into the piece that is about 1″ deep. It uses the guitar strap post to support the guitar.

2. How does the display mount work?

The mount was designed to hold the guitar like the guitar strap would support the guitar.

3. What are the black caps made of?

They are custom made for Guitar Ideas and are medical-grade vinyl. That way we don’t have problems with the lacquer finish.

4. If I have a slightly wider guitar neck can you make one for me?

Yes, and at no extra charge. At the bottom of each category page, there is a “Custom Mount” option. Simply order the custom mount and provide your measurements in the box. It is also helpful if you send photos of your instrument to sales@guitarideas.net. Feel free to contact us for assistance if you are unsure.

5. My neck on my guitar has an arch neck and I want to get longer posts for the neck of the guitar. Can I get them?

Yes, the post comes standard at 3″ long. For an arch neck it requires a 5″ long post. We are easy to work with. Simply state you want 5″ posts in the comment space during your checkout.

6. Can I get quantity discounts?

Check our STORE  to see what we are offering now. No reasonable offer is refused.

7. Can I display the mount at different angles?

Yes. You would place the rear mount piece first and then play with the angle until you achieve the desired affect.

8. How do I make sure the guitar is going to be secure?

This is a matter of good installation and testing the strength of the mounting hardware before placing the guitar.

9. Can I use different mounting hardware?

Yes. The trick of a good installation is getting the best mounting hardware available. Do not use plastic anchors!

10. Do you have any recommendations for making my signature guitar a better display?

Yes. I recommend getting a 3″ X 5″ plaque, CD Frame or a Album and putting the artist name on it and mounting it under the neck. It makes the display look a lot more professional.

11. How does the horizontal mount work?

It is simple. The rear mount has a piece that sits flat against the wall ( which is attached to the wall). The same piece has a part that extends out and has a 1″ long deep groove cut into it. The guitar strap buttom slide down into it. The front mount is a piece that has two 3″ long post that hold the guitar leve or in place at the neck. I live in So. California and we get earthequakes and I asked a very nice women who works at Cal Tech, we call her the earthquake lady as she is the first on the news when an earthquake happens. I explained to her what I was doing and she kindly helped me out with the data. So I engineered the top post there to prevent your guitar from getting bumped or hit off the mount.

12. How can I map out a whole wall for displaying my guitars?

This requires measuring the wall first, how high and how wide it is. Now using those measurements, take some masking tape and make the frame of your wall (on the floor) on a carpeted floor. This will represent your frame of your wall. Then take your guitars out of the cases and position them around where you would like them to rest. When your done positioning everything. Then measure from the left side of the wall where the mount should be installed, them from the bottom of the floor. Take a picee of paper and write all of this down, it will be your guide or map. First the rear mount, then the front mount on a standard horizontal mount). This take some time and you can match colors up and shapes too! Just don’t kick any guitars. This is also fun to do too.

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