About Guitar Ideas and Kirk Rogers

Our first guitar wall hangers were made based on hundreds of surveys of guitar players. We have invented what you want. I continue to survey and manufactured the odd or different ideas that you want. We feel this is what makes us different. We know it can be done. We find out what you need and want and then produce it! Nearly all these products are created by the owner of Guitar Ideas, Kirk Rogers.

With the except of the Standard Leather Guitar Hanger Levy Leather, Standard Album & Cd Frames PIcture Perfect and Standard Guitar Case Storage Racks made by Guitar Storage.

Kirk Rogers is a local craftsman. He has invented over one hundred different ideas.

Our business success is due to:

  • The unique, high-quality wall mounts that we offer;
  • Made-to-order wall mounts at no extra charge;
  • Prompt, courteous service;
  • Fast delivery;
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. The only condition is that product is not damaged and can be resold. To be determined by Guitar Ideas.


We are very proud to say that over fourteen thousand of mounts have been sold to hundreds of satisfied clients. We have an excellent reputation (see our feedback summary on Ebay) and encourage you to look at our complete line of products.

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